Women's Center

Our Mission
The Women's Center at Thaddeus Stevens College exists to provide support and space for women on campus, as well as host women-focused workshops or programs and the Women in Technology and Trades (WITT) meetings. It's part of how Thaddeus Stevens College creates a culture 
on campus and in the community that will exemplify equality and respect for all.

Open to all students during specified hours! Come enjoy the Women's Center Lounge and build relationships and relax. 


  • Provide opportunities to network with women role models
  • Build a support system of community and campus resources
  • Offer programs by coordinating a calendar of events
  • Offer advocacy for personal and academic challenges
  • Provide a comfortable environment for studying and socializing

Women in Trades and Technology/WITT

This organization relies on the female population of the campus in supporting the role of women in technology and trades. 

WITT/Women's Center Events

Join us at our events throughout the academic year!

Check back soon for more Women's Center/WITT Events.



Title IX

Campus Security

 Location: Lower Level Metzger Hall