Applying for Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is how the U.S. Department of Education determines a student's eligibility for federal financial aid.

They will consider your income, assets, and other household information as well as your family’s income and assets if you are still a dependent.

To be eligible for federal, state, and institutional financial aid, including the Federal Direct Loan, students must complete the FAFSA. The recommended deadline to complete the FAFSA is April 1 and the PA State Grant deadline is May 1. Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology's priority filing deadline is April 1.

Students are highly encouraged to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the FAFSA. This tool allows students and parents to access their IRS tax return information and directly place it onto the FAFSA.

Complete the FAFSA

Whether you’re a student, parent, or borrower, you’ll need to create an account online to complete federal student aid tasks. Once you create your account, you may complete the FAFSA online

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology's school code is: 014990

Coming Soon: The FAFSA for the academic year 2024–2025 (Summer 2023, Fall 2024, Spring 2025) will open in December 2023 using 2022 Federal Tax Return information.